Friday, 30 January 2009


There has been a problem with uploading the animatic so for now we need to try and see why but we will hopefully have it uploaded on here soon.


All of these images below are our thumbnail designs for our final sequence.I thought that it would be much easier to write about them in one post than seperately.Each drawing is a different shot from our sequence but as we put them on and you look at the blog they are in opposite order so the ones closest the top are the later shots.

For these thumbnails we wanted to try and recreate a theme that we could stick to throughout the sequence but we would be able to do in a rather simple way we looked at the film seven as it is recognised as one of the greatest thriller film opening sequences.THis gave us a bit of inspiration and an idea we could include in our production but we knew it would be hard to match and create in our on way looking at the resources,money and equipment we had.Therefore we wanted to stick to an idea whic could be done in a limited amount of settings using only few characters beacuse we didnt want to make it over complecated and hard to understand.We wanted to make sure that our film didnt copy already existing ones but had similar elements to films that match this genre.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Friday, 16 January 2009

Props etc

List of props and objects we need for filming....

Filing cabinets
Polaroids/Scattered pictures
The bible
Scalpel/Surgical Equipment(will not be used)
Piano Cant think of absolutely everything at this moment in time,will add things as i go..

Setting..Weve chosen to film in school as we have found a dark room that we feel is suitable to go along with our film.We also need to film by sinks to get a scene with blood washing off the hands.We will also see how and what day we film to see if we can get anything extra in.

our idea...

These are the original designs and drawings that we first started with.Originally our thriller was going to be named Coldhearted.But we are currently thinking about changing it.

We want to create a film opening that is believable and people will actually think ahh thats not bad..we felt we needed to include some simple elements of a thriller film but we want to do it in our own way.We have decided to film in school because we think it can be easily organised if we do it here.We just need to find a decent room that we can set up in before we start filming next week.