Thursday, 27 November 2008

So these are the films we first looked at,Vertigo and se7en.Both good films with good dvd covers i think.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

So first off we looked at a few film openings.They were Seven and Vertigo.Both film openings were very good but they were contrasting as one focused on a certain amount of animation whereas the other one was not.I preferred the vertigo opening because i am intrested in animation but i still think it could of been done better.i Hope to create something in the coming weeks which will be as good.

This is our continuity sequence. It's a bit short but as this was the first piece of film production we done we was very pleased with it.
We edited it on i-movie and it was really interesting to see the post production stages of film making.

Now the main project......

For my As-level media coursework,I have chosen to create an opening sequence to a thriller film.I have chosen to do this work with Hannah .We looked at some previous blogs from other students and we then saw some of their postings.We have an idea that we will involve some type of animation within our piece.So watch this space..