Friday, 3 April 2009

Evaluation Question 7

Evaluation Question 7:Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

Looking back i have learnt a number of things.Working with a partner was good but sometimes the ideas we both had conflicted causing us to scrap both our ideas and settle for something that we both agreed on.This meaning that to both me and my partner,thhe final outcome of our product may have been better if we had included our original good ideas.I noticed how the process of getting everything complete took a long time including updating the blog and editing our product.I wish i had been more focused on the task as when it came down to it i would seem and feel not bothered or always have something more importnat to do,something which i now extremely regret but overall i believe the task has been rather succesful,which a few hitches along the way but i would like to think that people especially our target audience would like to see more of our film in the future.

Evaluation Question 6

Evaluation Question 6:What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product.

I have learnt an enormous amount of things in the process of making this product.Beforehand i wouldnt of gone out of my way to pick up a video camera and start filming.But during this time the amount of times we had to reshoot scenes and change the settings or lighting to a scene meant having to otherwise we wouldnt of had a final product.I did actually enjoy filming because it was a new experience to me and something i would like to do again in the near future.I also learned some of the basics of how to uuse final cut pro and Imovie,programs which i had never encountered before until i did this project.I think because they are both complecated programs for me to have learnt the full workings of them would of took ages,but i managed to use the efficiently enough to complete the editing and cutting of our scenes for our final product.Even using a Mac computer was a different world to me because i had never really used one before so getting used to the layout of this was hard at first and still sometimes i would have to rackmy brains on how to do something.

Evaluation Question 5

EvaluationQuestion 5:How did you attract/address your audience?

We tried to attract out audience through what we include in our mise-en-scene.When the scene of our film shoots to images of women on the wall we wanted women especially to look and think oh no and ah i wonder whats happening to them.The protagonist in our sequence can relate to our target aundience in the fact that hes young .It is then a case of if the audience are interested in our film genre and believe in religion.
Evaluation Question 4: Who would be the audience for your media product?

One of the first things when brainstorming ideas for the film was what certificate would it be and who would we aim it at.We want there to be a mixture of people within the audience as we dont want to aim it at a pacific age group or type of person.Agreed that we would give it a 15 certificate and that it would be aimed at both men and women.The way we tried to show this notion was by making the killer male and the victims female,this then gave a range of people involved in the film and it is then not particularly one-sided towards either men or women.We want it to be a successful film so the primary audience would be people who enjoy these types of films,not somebody who enjoyed romantic comedies or historical documentaries.It is thought that being a 15 certificate,there is the likely chance that older teenagers would be interested in the film so it was important we made sure they were in our thoughts in the making process as we dont expect many over 60's to go out of their way and watch or buy the film.
Evaluation Question 3: What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

The problem with our film is that we made it on a non-existable budget,using our own equipment such as cameras and tripods and the setting was all in school so it wasnt like we had to hire out big places and equipment to succed in this.Because of the budget we know our film would never hit the cinemas and its something we wouldnt want.We feel that if we was to release our film we would try and go under the Fox label as there are similar films which have been released in the past and we would hope ours could be noticed and recognised along side these films.We would also use alot of advertising on the internet and in magazines/newspapers,something which would cost money and time but something that it crucial in securing a good name for our film and getting the right feedback from the audience on there thoughts on whether it was watchable and well made or if it was pporly written and dull to watch.

Evaluation Question 2

Evaluation Question 2: How does your media product represent particular social groups?

Our film is aimed at a number of gropus which differ for different reasons.The original aim was for people who enjoyed thriller/horror films as we wanted them to look ar ours and think wow,that has affected me in a certain way specific to each viewer.The music we used in our opening was also revolved around operatic themes and the piano so it was important that it appealed to people who had an interest in this.Our thriller film could be compared to the likes of Hannibal Lecter or other films recognised in this theme.Our main character in our opening(The Killer) is a middle aged man,who has mental problems,addicted to killing and stalking his victime.There is also the theme og god and religion within our opening as it plays a part in the whole outcome of the film,but it was something we didnt want to delve into to deep because it was matter that we felt we hadnt researched enough when it came to the time of filming.

Evaluation Question 1

Evaluation Question 1: In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of a real media product?

I think that our opening sequence both challenges and conforms to the conventions of a real media product.The film is rather similar to existing films within the horror genre but we would like to think we've done it in our own original way that makes the viewer think,ah that was good i want to see more than that.There is a theme of the natural; horror film conventions where there is a killer,but the viewe doesnt find out this in our opening sequence.We hope that in the 2 minutes of our sequence it is enough to grip the viewer into wanting to watch more.We want the audience to raise questions and hopefully they would be answered if the film were to continue.We wanted to do this without giving to much of the film plot away and showing the audiencew the narrative.

There were a number of thems that run through our sequence.These includes murder,obsession,fear,entrapment and religion.We tried to show some of these elements within our opening.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Okay weve filmed edited and just adding the finishing touches to it.We had a number of problems when looking back at it and editing so we had to change a number of things.The font we used for the titles was more suited to a country and western film,the complet opposite to what we had done and also when it came up the names of us at the beggining there was a problem of how long my name came up on the screen for as it was only for a brief few seconds.We changed this and also stretched out a few scenes just to make sure the length of our opening fitted the criteria.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

We also had a right touch the other day when filming as it was the time of the snow here in the southeast so we had the luxury of filming some of our scenes in the snow.We experimented with playing around with red food dye and dripping it in the snow giving some of our scenes a bloody snowy effect which we think helped to improve our fimal outcome giving it a somewhat realistic effect.It may also seem a bit cliche to have blood in the snow but we thought it was a good opportunity to take advantage of this and use it in our favour.

These are images we took of supposedly dead bodies but we found when trying to include them in our final production it was hard as they didnt fit in with what we wanted..

As you may see,the photography isn't the best here,with this being one of the reasons we didnt use them in our final makings.They do really look amateur...

The images dont look real enough and they can easily be seen that they are taken by us.The scene in which we took the photos was in school so it was hard in getting the look right.

Friday, 30 January 2009


There has been a problem with uploading the animatic so for now we need to try and see why but we will hopefully have it uploaded on here soon.


All of these images below are our thumbnail designs for our final sequence.I thought that it would be much easier to write about them in one post than seperately.Each drawing is a different shot from our sequence but as we put them on and you look at the blog they are in opposite order so the ones closest the top are the later shots.

For these thumbnails we wanted to try and recreate a theme that we could stick to throughout the sequence but we would be able to do in a rather simple way we looked at the film seven as it is recognised as one of the greatest thriller film opening sequences.THis gave us a bit of inspiration and an idea we could include in our production but we knew it would be hard to match and create in our on way looking at the resources,money and equipment we had.Therefore we wanted to stick to an idea whic could be done in a limited amount of settings using only few characters beacuse we didnt want to make it over complecated and hard to understand.We wanted to make sure that our film didnt copy already existing ones but had similar elements to films that match this genre.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Friday, 16 January 2009

Props etc

List of props and objects we need for filming....

Filing cabinets
Polaroids/Scattered pictures
The bible
Scalpel/Surgical Equipment(will not be used)
Piano Cant think of absolutely everything at this moment in time,will add things as i go..

Setting..Weve chosen to film in school as we have found a dark room that we feel is suitable to go along with our film.We also need to film by sinks to get a scene with blood washing off the hands.We will also see how and what day we film to see if we can get anything extra in.

our idea...

These are the original designs and drawings that we first started with.Originally our thriller was going to be named Coldhearted.But we are currently thinking about changing it.

We want to create a film opening that is believable and people will actually think ahh thats not bad..we felt we needed to include some simple elements of a thriller film but we want to do it in our own way.We have decided to film in school because we think it can be easily organised if we do it here.We just need to find a decent room that we can set up in before we start filming next week.