Wednesday, 11 February 2009

We also had a right touch the other day when filming as it was the time of the snow here in the southeast so we had the luxury of filming some of our scenes in the snow.We experimented with playing around with red food dye and dripping it in the snow giving some of our scenes a bloody snowy effect which we think helped to improve our fimal outcome giving it a somewhat realistic effect.It may also seem a bit cliche to have blood in the snow but we thought it was a good opportunity to take advantage of this and use it in our favour.

These are images we took of supposedly dead bodies but we found when trying to include them in our final production it was hard as they didnt fit in with what we wanted..

As you may see,the photography isn't the best here,with this being one of the reasons we didnt use them in our final makings.They do really look amateur...

The images dont look real enough and they can easily be seen that they are taken by us.The scene in which we took the photos was in school so it was hard in getting the look right.