Friday, 3 April 2009

Evaluation Question 2

Evaluation Question 2: How does your media product represent particular social groups?

Our film is aimed at a number of gropus which differ for different reasons.The original aim was for people who enjoyed thriller/horror films as we wanted them to look ar ours and think wow,that has affected me in a certain way specific to each viewer.The music we used in our opening was also revolved around operatic themes and the piano so it was important that it appealed to people who had an interest in this.Our thriller film could be compared to the likes of Hannibal Lecter or other films recognised in this theme.Our main character in our opening(The Killer) is a middle aged man,who has mental problems,addicted to killing and stalking his victime.There is also the theme og god and religion within our opening as it plays a part in the whole outcome of the film,but it was something we didnt want to delve into to deep because it was matter that we felt we hadnt researched enough when it came to the time of filming.

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